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Our Client testimonials

Equiniti Riskfactor works with clients from across the receivables finance industry and from all over the world.

We have clients for life so we:

  • Work individually with clients to provide innovative and creative solutions to meet their risk management needs
  • Continuously improve our products and services to ensure we deliver highly valued and cost effective solutions
  • Ensure our clients are always delighted with our service and support.


Hear from our clients:

Equiniti Riskfactor has essentially worked in partnership with us and I think that’s the greatest compliment that I can give a supplier.

— John Holmes, Head of IF Specialist Risk Unit at Barclays Corporate

We took the decision to use EQ Riskfactor because it is a tried and tested system that we know works well. The implementation happened very smoothly, it was one of the few things I didn’t have to worry about.

— James Hodkinson, Chief Operating Officer, Secure Trust Bank

Fraud is an ever present threat in invoice finance but in recessionary times the ‘cornered rat syndrome’ – ostensibly honest business owners resorting to irrational and illegal methods to keep their companies afloat – becomes ever more prevalent.

The key to the factor's ability to deal with such situations revolves around early detection and having a clear strategy once the position has been ascertained.

In assessing collateral, as well as in life generally, changes in patterns of behaviour are usually indicative of wider issue. EQ Riskfactor pinpoints these changes in a real-time environment.

— Neil McGivern, a seasoned industry executive in the UK

EQ Riskfactor works for us on three levels: it helps us focus our activity on those clients where the risks are greatest, it provides clues as to the nature of those risks, and it enables us to take a portfolio view of risk.

— Steve Grave, a Senior Manager at HSBC Invoice Finance in the UK

Equiniti Riskfactor's extensive knowledge of risk management relating to receivables finance has enabled them to develop a product in EQ Riskfactor that will significantly impact our approach to Client Management. It means we can direct our attentions and efforts more effectively and productively.

— Jim Perry, CEO at Advance Financial Corporation in the USA

In an environment where the risk is constantly changing, EQ Riskfactor has proved to be a very valuable tool for us in the day to day management of risk.

— Clare Sharkey, Head of Client Services at Bank of Ireland Finance in Ireland

The purpose of our implementing EQ Riskfactor was to provide an improved global view of the performance of the collateral that we are dealing with from our clients. Most ‘ABL/Factoring’ platforms provide great transactional data with limited ability to see true trending data that is queryable.

— Tracy Eden, Operations Manager at Commercial Finance Group in the USA

EQ Riskfactor is a powerful tool in monitoring risk. Its simple views of precise metrics allow us to quickly evaluate and analyse client data. We have many options for reporting and graphing the results. EQ Riskfactor has actually helped us identify potential troubled accounts and avoid loss.

— Jerry Shea, Vice President Portfolio Manager at First Capital in the USA

We have found EQ Riskfactor to be a useful tool to fill two different needs in particular.

First, in the event of portfolio rotation or a new hire, an account manager is able to quickly find outliers in an existing portfolio and get a feel for the history of each client. Faster account familiarisation leads to less risk during transitions since we have always found them to be higher risk periods.

Second, the historic trending and deterioration alarming in EQ Riskfactor is vastly superior to our loan administration system. Cash versus sales in a graphical form over time, DSO and the Risk Movement Score would have been a dream come true for me as a former Portfolio Manager.

From an IT perspective, EQ Riskfactor's support and implementation team has worked diligently for us at all times

— Konrad Theil, IT Project Manager at Summit Financial Services in the USA

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