EQ Riskfactor IDA Module Fact Sheet

Thu 05 Oct 2017

With the Invoice Discounting Analysis (IDA) module, data is extracted or received electronically from the client, so that the process of calculating reserves is completely automated and streamlined.

Make calculating reserves easy!

Invoice Discounting Analysis (IDA) automatically calculates ineligibles and disapprovals from ledgers received electronically, or from extracted data. Benefits include:

  • Provide a ‘Factoring View’ of all Invoice Discounting clients, giving greater visibility of client’s ledgers and key trends
  • Receive report files generated by clients or data files extracted from the client’s accounting system
  • Consistent calculation of reserves after one time configuration
  • Reduced potential for human error through incorrect calculation 
  • Significantly reduced cycle time between receipt and processing time of ledgers
  • Client quickly accesses increased availability from reduced reserves, enhancing the client experience, or the Lender protects their position where reserve levels increase significantly.

Download the full IDA Module Fact Sheet