EQ Riskfactor June Client Newsletter

Mon 08 Jun 2020

Get more out of EQ Riskfactor with our remote training 

The team at Equiniti Riskfactor are here for you to offer remote training and guidance on EQ Riskfactor during lockdown. Our expert team have all worked in receivables finance and can help you to navigate the system and use it more effectively.

We offer remote training sessions for our clients and can tailor the course to your training needs.

Our training will help you:

  • Ensure you are getting the most out of the system
  • Implement best practice and improve your use of the system
  • Streamline existing processes and improve your efficiency
  • The process is easy ...

Book an initial call to discuss training needs and outcomes

  • Our expert team will devise the training session for you and share best practice
  • We will deliver the training session to your team remotely and answer questions
  • Following the training we will debrief with you and suggest any further training 

Book a call with our team

The EQ Riskfactor Academy

The EQ Riskfactor Academy offers a digital learning programme to develop employees at all stages of their receivables financing career. From 10 minute digital learning courses to advanced diplomas there is a course for everyone.

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