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How to set up Grids in EQ Riskfactor

Wed 08 Apr 2020

Read our quick guide on how to set up Grids to help you manage portfolios.

A quick guide on how to set up and apply Grids 

All EQ Riskfactor users can set up a personal Grid,  which will only be displayed when they log into their system. Anyone with System Administrator privileges can set up Global Grids, which means that all users will see the Grid under Global Grids.

Below are the steps to set up a Grid:

  1. From the EQ Riskfactor landing page, click on “Configuration” and then select “Grids” from the drop down.
  2. Under “Tasks” on the left-hand side of the screen, click “Add New Grid”
  3. Give the Grid a name and choose whether this is to be a Global, Team, or Personal Grid (depending on your user permissions). If this is to be for a Team, select the relevant Team from the drop down.
Grid view in EQ Riskfactor

From here you will be presented with the screen shown above. On the left-hand side you can then add, delete, and reorder individual columns.

    1. When adding columns, a box will show all the options available. Under the “Filters” heading you can search individual columns in the “Measure Name” field or filter parameters by Tags using the “Measure Tags” drop down. Click “Add Columns” once you have found the parameter you are looking for.
    2. To delete columns, click the squares to the left of the parameter(s) you want to delete. Once selected, click “Delete selected columns” under “Tasks”.
    3. Finally, to reorder columns, click the square to the left and then click on the circle to the right of the parameter for where you want the data to be. To move something to the very first column, click on the circle next to the “Reorder to” title. Unlike deleting columns, reordering can only be done to one column at a time. Click “Reorder Selected Columns” once you are ready.
    4. Once you are happy with your new Grid, simply hit “Save Changes” and the Grid will now be available under the Grids tab.

To apply a Grid you will need to load the Portfolio of customers that you wish to apply it to. Once in the Portfolio click on the “Grids” tab and select the Grid you want to apply from the drop down.

For more help please contact our team: RiskfactorEnquiries@equiniti.com