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New EQ Riskfactor release gives greater insight into debtors

Tue 26 Nov 2019

EQ Riskfactor is constantly evolving and developing new features and the latest feedback has helped shape the new release.

Driven by client feedback and market research via our user surveys and forums, the latest feedback has helped shape the new 4.17 release which is now complete.

This is good news for our clients as the new release is packed full of new features to help improve the overall user experience and provide an even greater depth of data and trend analysis.

DSO change – Debtor Analysis Module

The updated Debtor Module gives users a more comprehensive way to measure the quality of their debtors.

For the first time users can now see a DSO measure based on monthly data, plus a DSO end-of-month trend going back six months, giving users more metrics and further insight into the health profile of their debtors. The EQ Riskfactor metrics indicate to users how quickly payments are being made, identifying any patterns in behaviour and monthly trends.


To help clients with their GDPR requirements EQ Riskfactor has improved its obfuscation functionality to ensure sensitive source system data is easily obscured from view.

IDA module export concentration limits

The IDA module now has improved functionality that allows users to see the export concentration limit on the ineligible report summary. This enables users to see when a facility is approaching the export concentration limit and will also indicate how much it is being breached by when the export concentration exceeds the limit.

Global covenants now in place

Covenants can now be set at a global level for the business, plus any new clients coming on board can be automatically set up in line with the global covenant requirements, saving users time and helping to reduce the risk of new clients not being subject to covenant restrictions.