RiskFactor expands market-leading software

Wed 17 Feb 2016

In Q2 2016, RiskFactor will be releasing new software products to enhance our existing suite of market leading risk management solutions.

RiskFactor Decision Engine

RiskFactor Decision Engine functionality allows organisations to automate and streamline their decision making process when approving prospects for an invoice finance facility or extending an existing customer facility. Clients can configure the Decision Engine functionality to their own underwriting parameters.

How does the Decision Engine functionality benefit clients?

  • Time and money are saved by streamlining the decision making process.
  • It will standardise rules on all approval processes.
  • Risk is reduced as no data is ever missing.
  • There is no room for human error or bias in the decision making process.
  • Reports are easily generated leading to enhanced intelligence and reduced risk.
  • Historical decisions easily reviewed as all outputs are stored centrally in RiskFactor.
  • The product can be configured to client’s own rule sets and requirements.
  • New functionality developed tailored to each business.

Contact us today to find out more about Decision Engine and book a demonstration.

Alternatively call or email Aaron Hughes for a more detailed overview. Tel: +44 (0)1444 819 460 or email

RiskFactor Due Diligence

Due Diligence is the latest functionality to be developed by the RiskFactor team. All lenders undertake audits of prospective client facilities and research suggests that businesses find this process intrusive and distracting. In a competitive market, many lenders are chasing the same opportunities and effective/efficient due diligence can prove to be a real differentiator in helping the lender reach the right decision.

RiskFactor's Due Diligence functionality includes:

  • Fully configurable due diligence templates.
  • Templates populated with data extracted from prospects/clients accounting packages or blank.
  • Auto test sample selection capability - identify unusual trends or transactions for investigation and comment.
  • Offline application enabling users to work offline and sync at a later date.
  • Security features enable remote management where mobile devices are lost to prevent loss of sensitive data.

The benefits of RiskFactor's Due Diligence capability include:

  • Ability to maximise on-site time by focussing on the real areas of concern.
  • Tailored Due Diligence to suit business size, industry, product type and risk profile.
  • Team capacity improved through desktop audits.
  • Empower other personnel to complete the due diligence process, removing delays.
  • Improved compliance as all due diligence activity is captured in one place.
  • Due Diligence data items can be used as measures in RiskFactor.

Find out how our new Due Diligence software can help your business, book a demonstration today.

Alternatively call or email Aaron Hughes for a more detailed overview. Tel: +44 (0)1444 819 460 or email

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