RiskFactor to accelerate growth following acquisition by Equiniti Group plc

Wed 09 Mar 2016

RiskFactor Solutions, the market leading provider of risk management and fraud analytics software for commercial finance lending, has announced that it has been acquired by Equiniti Group plc, a leading provider of technology led solutions to clients with complex and regulated administration needs.

Tim Yates, Managing Director of RiskFactor, said:

"We are delighted to join the Equiniti Group. It is a great opportunity for RiskFactor and will enable us to further develop our technology to continue to meet the modern challenges of commercial finance and business banking. Joining a company with the scale and reputation of Equiniti will also allow us to take our products to a much wider range of clients than we have been able to previously."

Tim adds: "RiskFactor will continue to develop and meet the demands of our changing industry and support the move of receivables finance into mainstream banking. This acquisition gives RiskFactor access to additional resources and new customer bases that will accelerate our growth, However, we will ensure our strategy of launching unique products to our market and supporting our clients with exceptional levels of customer service will continue and always be at the centre of our business."

RiskFactor provides real-time automated fraud monitoring capabilities to lenders using proprietary technology and algorithms. The software is primarily geared towards commercial finance lending, including factoring, invoice discounting and other types of collateral and asset-based lending.

The acquisition is a further example of Equiniti’s growth strategy of integrating scalable technology platforms to provide regulation driven non-discretionary services, which can be cross-sold in to its extensive existing client base.

Fraud is an especially hot-topic within the retail and business banking sector, where increasing numbers of payments are made online and through multiple disparate channels (online, mobile, B2B, B2C). Regulation, operational risk management, big data trends and the commercial benefits of fraud prevention are driving demand for effective fraud detection in the sector.

Guy Wakeley, Chief Executive of Equiniti, said:

"We are excited to be delivering on our growth strategy by enhancing our client offering capabilities with RiskFactor. This acquisition will increase our fraud prevention capability to help our customers reduce regulatory risk and improve operational efficiency, further demonstrating our position as a provider of innovative technology-led solutions. This acquisition presents an excellent cross-sales and growth platform and we look forward to working with our new colleagues to capitalise on this opportunity."

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