Spotlight on clients with positive trading impact

Our team have observed a number of trends and how businesses are adapting during this challenging time.

Covid-19 is changing the way the world operates. Many businesses are suffering unimaginable losses as their business and revenue streams dry up. Other industries such as food and transportation are seeing demand outstrip supply and are managing increased supply chain pressures, whilst sales opportunities present at an unrecognisable pace.

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Here are some of the things our team are observing:

Slower payments

Many clients and debtors are slowing payments, even within those sectors showing growth, impacting cashflow.

Audits are more challenging

There are challenges to both on premise and desktop audits on the availability of people and the integrity of the information.

High demand for additional funding

EQ Riskfactor can help you to decide which businesses should proactively be considered for additional funding, you can be guided by:

  • 90 day risk score < 30
  • Dilution not triggering ‘alert’ or ‘caution’
  • DSO not at ‘alert’ or ‘caution’

Appropriate monitoring and support can reduce your risk overall and you may wish to supplement the view with bank accounting and bank transaction data feeds.

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