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Benefits for lenders

90% of UK receivables lenders choose our software

  • Unique fraud detection software

EQ Riskfactor’s unique software protects lenders from fraudulent transactions and uses a range of unique risk indicators to swiftly alert lenders to changes in client behaviour, providing early warning of deteriorating profiles. This allows lenders to investigate and take action quickly, mitigating potential losses.

The expert team at Equiniti Riskfactor work with clients to understand precise risk requirements relevant to the portfolio profile and recommend the correct configuration of the software. No other software can detect risk like EQ Riskfactor.

  • Operational efficiencies

EQ Riskfactor helps lenders gain efficiencies and eliminate manual processes, freeing up time for value add tasks and increased customer engagement.

This system is the only one of its kind on the market and is invaluable to our client managers and our Credit Risk team. I use EQ Riskfactor every day, it is our main point of reference for information on the profile of our clients.” 

Rachel Illidge, Head of Portfolio MI, Close Brothers Invoice Finance

  •  Risk based approach to portfolio management

EQ Riskfactor enables lenders to take a risk based approach to portfolio management and target the ‘highest risk’ clients, so that users can manage larger portfolios and dedicate resource to the highest risk clients. All information is centralised, giving lenders a single view of risk across the business.

  • Customer experience

Enhanced customer experience

Throughout the ‘on-boarding’ of new clients, auditing of accounts and the annual client reviews EQ Riskfactor helps the lender reduce the cycle time of many processes leading to quicker and more effective decision-making for the end client.

Dedicated support and training

Equiniti Riskfactor offers technical support and runs interactive training workshops.

The feedback that I have received after your training was excellent.  The content was great as it was given by two people who understand our industry, and what we are looking at from EQ Riskfactor. ”

Lee Green, Head of Regional Operations, METRO Bank

  • Improve compliance

EQ Riskfactor records all activity to create a detailed audit trail which proves that Risk Policy has been adhered to, meeting internal audit and regulatory compliance requirements.

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