General EQ building

Client Analysis Module

Core EQ Riskfactor Module

EQ Riskfactor provides daily monitoring of movements against expected patterns for each client. These patterns are identified through analysis of historical transactions for that client.

The software will quickly alert the lender to changes in client behaviour, providing early warning of deterioration in a wide range of risk indicators.

Client Analysis is the foundation module for EQ Riskfactor and includes the unique risk alerting system that detects fraudulent transactions early.

The Benefits

  • Consistent risk analysis of all clients based on daily transactional data from core system
  • Focus Lists and Alerts allow for early intervention into potential problems
  • Early identification of potentially fraudulent activity
  • Allows oversight of Users’ activity and escalation of decisions within the system, with a clear audit trail
  • Risk management activity is pro-active and daily, rather than based on month end paper based reports.

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Follow ups

A follow up is a task assigned to a user for investigation and action.

Focus lists

The focus list highlights the highest risk clients within the portfolio, ensuring the Risk Manager's time is allocated to the right clients.


Lender's current risk management processes are automated within EQ Riskfactor.


Lenders can schedule regular activities within the application such as audits, debt verification, receipt of financial reports and client reviews.

Covenant monitoring

The lender can track covenants and is alerted to any breeches. 

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