EQ Due Diligence

EQ Due Diligence helps lenders speed up the audit and survey process

Using data from the existing EQ Riskfactor product suite or data extracted this additional application will enable lenders to streamline and enhance their existing audit and survey processes by reducing the length and frequency of on-site audits, improving accuracy, efficiency and consistency and encouraging a risk based approach to the due diligence process.

Benefits to the Lender

  1. Adopt a risk based approach to due diligence
  • Enables Lenders to adopt a risk based approach when selecting Clients for audit.
  • The EQ Due Diligence template focuses on higher risk transactions in the testing and highlights any areas of concern to the Lender.
  • EQ Due Diligence tailors the template to suit business size, industry, product type and risk profile.
  • Auditor/surveyor has access to a suite of EQ Riskfactor reports that can be accessed whilst on site for increased visibility and intelligence.


  1. Operational efficiency
  • Smarter deployment of resources, as productivity on-site is maximised.
  • Audit team capacity improved through more desktop audits.
  • EQ Due Diligence results are fed back into EQ Riskfactor to enable audit issues to be identified and tracked to completion. Audit results become measures in core EQ Riskfactor to complement existing risk measures. EQ Due Diligence provides a single point of reference.


  1. Data Extraction
  • Extraction of client data directly from accounting systems gives the Lender more detailed transactional data and leads to better quality decision making for invoice discounting facilities.


  1. Reduce risk of credit loss
  • The EQ Due Diligence application is designed to use our immense experience and access to fraud case studies to identify early fraud indicators.
  • Risk based testing will focus the Lender on the Client's business processes that need refining or enhancing.
  • Standardised templates and the identification of higher risk transactions enables Managers to more easily quality assess the Auditors completing the template.


  1. Compliance
  • All aspects of the due diligence process are captured in one place so that compliance is easy to manage and instantly demonstrates a Lender’s audit history and related activity.
  • No version control issues are encountered as the Due Diligence template cannot be amended outside of initial Lender set up.


  1. Improved Prospect assessment
  • Extraction of Prospect data directly from their accounting system means additional historic data is available to support credit assessment.
  • EQ Due Diligence helps Lenders consistently assess new Prospects at the survey stage.
  • The EQ Due Diligence template selects higher risk transactions to flag areas of concern to focus underwriting and support appropriate structuring of facilities.


  1. New Business market leadership and differentiation
  • EQ Due Diligence ensures Lenders can complete new deals faster, and the process is streamlined and less onerous for the Prospect.
  • Lenders can engage with Prospects ahead of competitors and as the process is less invasive Prospects are happier and customer satisfaction levels are improved. 

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