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EQ Riskfactor Applications

EQ Riskfactor is the leading  risk management and fraud analytics software product used by banks, factoring companies and invoice finance suppliers. EQ Riskfactor gathers daily risk metrics to track trends and changes as they occur, allowing risk managers to constantly monitor client risk and instantly detect deteriorating profiles.

“This system is the only one of its kind on the market and is invaluable to our client managers and our Credit Risk team. I use EQ Riskfactor every day, it is our main point of reference for information on the profile of our clients.” Rachel Illidge, Head of Portfolio MI, Close Brothers Invoice Finance

In the UK 90% of the receivables finance industry use EQ Riskfactor.

EQ Riskfactor uses unique algorithms and data analytics to ensure that the software alerts risk managers to any change in client activity. The software has access to 75,000 lending cases, and is used to  compare your portfolio performance to the best and worst patterns of Client behaviour.

EQ Riskfactor provides daily monitoring of collateral performance and gives Lenders a single view of risk. The risk management software feeds off a Lender’s operating platform to constantly monitor portfolio performance and quickly alerts Lenders to changes in client behaviour and deteriorating patterns of collateral performance. This enables Lenders to reduce or even completely mitigate bad debts.

The alerting mechanism allows Lenders to maintain a daily ‘watch list’ based on criteria agreed by the Lender which supports constant monitoring rather than the traditional month end focussed risk management processes.

The benefits of EQ Riskfactor


The EQ Riskfactor software helps Lenders with their daily challenges:

Early detection of fraudulent activity

EQ Riskfactor constantly monitors Client portfolios and detects deteriorating profiles or fraudulent Client activity.  Automated alerts highlight deteriorating trends so that risk events are investigated as they occur and not through point in time checks.

Operational efficiency

EQ Riskfactor’s workflow capabilities streamline many daily activities, for example covenant monitoring, Client reviews and scheduled items such as the collection of information from Clients.


All activity is captured permanently in EQ Riskfactor and provides a single view of risk and a complete audit history helps ensure risk policy is adhered to.

EQ Riskfactor Modules 

Collectively named EQ Riskfactor, our risk software applications are developed in modular format. This allows you to choose the functionality that best meets your risk management needs.

Modules brochure

EQ Riskfactor features:

  • Customisable data grids
  • Scheduled reports with data export functionality
  • Customisable portfolios
  • Risk scores
  • Covenant based alert system
  • Charting
  • Workflow rules
  • Powerful user permissions system
  • Multiple currency support
  • Facility for inputting and analysing financial data
  • Integration with operational processes
  • Macro data grouping
  • Executive level summaries and reports

New features
EQ Riskfactor continues to add features to the software – where it was originally a reporting tool, it is now a much more comprehensive set of metrics. It has embedded workflows to ensure that procedures are being followed properly and rigour is being applied to account management. Not only are Account Managers being made aware of the risk, but they are also following up on necessary tasks. This allows our Clients to direct limited resources towards the most risky cases and helps them to meet increasingly demanding compliance regulations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the software installed?

The software is installed on premises so no data leaves your organisation.

How is the cost broken down?

There is an installation cost, an annual licence fee and a training fee.

Does EQ Riskfactor have different language versions?

Yes. The software can be adapted to other languages upon request.

What is the pay back on investment in EQ Riskfactor?

Customers tell us that the ROI can be measured in terms of months. Loss avoidance and operational efficiencies are tangible benefits delivered for the organisation.

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