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Invoice Discounting Analysis Module

Take the hassle out of calculating reserves

Invoice Discounting Analysis (IDA) is a core module within EQ Riskfactor. It automates the calculation of reserves or disapprovals directly from a client’s accounting system. 

Data is extracted or received electronically from the client so that the process of calculating reserves is completely automated and streamlined.

As well as automating reserves, IDA provides Lenders with valuable risk intelligence around re-aged invoices, weekend postings, round sum invoices, new debtors and debtor concentrations to help them proactively manage risk and fraud.

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Benefits of Invoice Discounting Analysis Module

1. Adopt a risk based approach
IDA generates valuable intelligence that helps Lenders to manage risk and investigate
fraud through enhanced risk management processes. IDA enables lenders to adopt a risk
based approach to calculating reserves, automates the reserves calculations, and outputs
from the calculation of reserves become risk metrics in EQ Riskfactor.

2. Reduce the cost of client acquisition and management
IDA evaluates a prospect’s suitability for a facility pre-survey, this saves time and allows
lenders to streamline the new business process. For active clients, the process of
calculating reserves during the month end sales ledger reconciliation is accelerated
and accuracy enhanced.

3. Improve operational efficiency
IDA removes manual processes and together with the EQ Riskfactor Schedule Manager, significantly improves the process for receipt of client ledgers, the calculation of reserves and reconciliation of the facility.

4. Enhance compliance
All current and historical reports are saved in EQ Riskfactor and create a history that
all users can access helping lenders to meet compliance obligations.

For more information download our IDA fact sheet  

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