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Macro Analysis Module

EQ Riskfactor Macro Analysis Module

The Macro Analysis module puts you in control of the data and lets you see how your portfolio is performing and changing.

Macro Analysis is about answering the questions you have about your business…

• Which branches have the highest risk-rated Clients?
• Which region grew the most last quarter?
• Which industries are showing the highest debt-turn?
• Can we order each lending product we offer by total funds out?

The Macro Analysis module provides an executive reporting capability beyond what is available in other modules. It allows you to easily aggregate the data you want to see, enabling a “top down” view of the business. The results can be displayed on screen or exported to Excel or PDF for internal reporting and risk management.

The Macro Analysis module allows top down analysis of key portfolio dynamics, compared over time, based on whatever sub-sets of data you choose. For example, this allows historic trend analysis of your lending book by product, geography, client size, client manager, or a range of other criteria (“Dimensions”) that you can easily build yourself.

The Benefits of EQ Riskfactor's Macro Analysis Module

  • Top down portfolio analysis by key criteria
  • Improved management reporting
  • Enhanced risk management by exception
  • Trend analysis and comparatives by product type, facility size, geography etc
  • Clear and consistent regular board reports
  • Early identification of sectoral or geographic portfolio issues
  • Allows comparison of underlying performance of regional or client manager portfolios, enhanced management oversight and reallocation of resource as required
  • Analysis of similar clients to ensure consistency of performance against peers
  • High quality Management Assurance reporting, identifying high level risk indicator trends
  • Easy collation of detailed data on highest risk clients across products and teams, and early management intervention
  • Allows insight into strongest and best performing clients across products and teams, to enhance relationship building and reduce risk of client loss to competitor.

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