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EQ Riskfactor's new Workflow tool

The newly enhanced EQ Riskfactor tool will help users to improve overall risk management with better oversight across teams and improved MI.

Following recent customer feedback EQ Riskfactor’s Workflow tool has been enhanced to give users a host of new benefits including easier oversight across team activity.

Key benefits of the new EQ Riskfactor Workflow tool: 

  • The new dashboard gives Managers a clear oversight across the entire team’s workflow.
  • Follow-ups now have an owner and an actionee for greater visibility of work.
  • The new Workflow tool gives oversight of a team’s workload and greater clarity on the items that each team member is working on, with an overview of which tasks are due and which are completed.
  • Visibility on all Follow Ups that are assigned to team members, as well as their own, making the process more efficient and easier to manage team priorities.
  • Improved MI.
  • Follow-ups are now automatically generated due to system events, such as a breached covenant, alerting users that action is needed.

There are now four Workflow dashboard options:

Follow-ups assigned to you - These are work items that have been assigned to you from others.

Follow-ups assigned by you - These are work items that you have created for others to complete, here you can track progress, reassign to others or close off.

Follow-ups assigned to teams - Work items can be assigned to a team rather than to an individual.

Follow-ups assigned to people you manage -  This new functionality now shows managers all the work-items assigned to people that they manage.


Please get in touch to find out more about our newly enhanced Workflow. We would be happy to arrange a short demo for you.

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